Return to the Beach

By : Pebo
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I live near the beach in Hua Hin;

so close to the sea that I can see

from up high on my balcony

the beach life below in front of me.


I do travel around the country,

like to see and hear,

and smell and taste

the unfamiliar food

that’s offered to me.

I visit ruins and old temples,

hear the chanting of the monks,

bargain with vendors,

and smell the wonderful aroma

of foods cooked on the street.


I sample and enjoy the local cuisine,

often alien to my western taste,

and I feel happy when I get

a smile from the cook.

And soon I travel back home,

drawn by the urge to return

to my Condo on the beach

to sit and relax on the balcony

in the dark of the night.

And more often than not

I’m welcomed back home

by the boats in the sea

with green neon lights

looking up to me

with the eyes of a cat

as if welcoming me.

I know, I know for sure

that these welcoming eyes

are not welcoming me

but are there to attract

many squids in the sea.


I enjoy the sight

and always feel happy

to be back in my home,

 very close to the sea.




  December 4, 2006

Hua Hin, Thailand

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